A beautiful and hilarious coming of age story, £1 Thursdays captures and celebrates the trials and tribulations of what it means to be young, Northern and working class, when for one Vodka-blurred second, you’re allowed to forget everything else. And just DANCE…

★★★★★ Five Stars, The Arts Desk
★★★★½ Four and a Half Stars, A Young(ish) Perspective
★★★★ Four Stars, The Reviews Hub
★★★★ Four Stars, LondonTheatre1
★★★★ Four Stars, Broadway World
★★★★ Four Stars, The Peg Review
★★★★ Four Stars, Fringe Biscuit
★★★★ Four Stars, ReviewsGate
★★★★ Four Stars, AJH Loves Theatre


‘Vicky Moran’s direction reflects the incredibly convincing nature of the the girls’ fluctuating friendship. As their closeness ebbs and flows, so does the pace. It feels naturalistic and very persuasive’ Broadway World (featured in top shows of 2024)

‘Vicky Moran’s direction complements Rose-Martin’s punchy dialogue beautifully. Every pause, every emotion, feels uniquely and powerfully timed and considered.’ – A young-ish perspective 

‘Director Vicky Moran has succeeded in giving the piece direction and flow so that the audience is carried along, always wanting to know what will happen to the various protagonists’ – Londontheatre1

‘Furiously funny’ ‘£1 Thursdays packs a much bigger punch than the cheap clubbing experience it pays homage to and audiences should prepare to be deeply invested in this endearing tale’ – The reviews hub

‘Director Vicky Moran has created their world out of very little… and found endless ways of exploiting the Finborough space. It is the play’s world premiere – there has to be a world out there waiting to see it performed. It is that good an evening’. – Reviews gate

‘Under Vicky Moran’s assured direction, Yasmin Taheri, as Jen, and Monique Ashe-Palmer, as Stacey, both give astonishingly detailed performances… It is a privilege to witness acting of this quality in such an intimate venue’ – The peg review

‘It’s rare to laugh as much as I did at a new play, rare also to see a slice of life portrayed with neither judgement nor agenda puncturing the tension and shrivelling the jokes, trusting the audience to draw its own conclusions. It’s raw, funny and thought-provoking’ – The Arts Desk

‘Moran’s staging is full of inventive touches, from direct audience engagement, to sections of slo-mo choreography that suggest the temporary anaesthesia of intoxication only to be brought up sharp and short by the sudden, stark intrusion of brutal “real” life’ – Ajhlovestheatre 


Monique Ashe-Palmer
Yasmin Tehari
Joseph Ayre
Sian Breckin


Writer: Kat Rose-Martin
Director: Vicky Moran
Set & Costume: Ethan Cheek
Sound: Roly Botha
LX: Rajiv Pattani
Movement: Nadia Sahowon
Intimacy: Raniah Al-Sayed
Fight: Sam Behan
Wellbeing support: Stacey Permaul
Stage Manager: Reuben Bojang
Producer: Julia Blomberg