Coram presents a play, Echoes Through Time: The Story of Care

This could be a fresh start

A new chance

If you’re ready to take it?

A group of care-experienced young people are suspended in time – half in the modern world, half in the world of the Foundling Hospital, Britain’s first children’s charity, founded in 1739, which continues today as Coram.

As they grapple with the challenges of today’s care system, they explore the stories and experiences of the very first children in care, unearthing common threads of experience across three centuries.

Writer: Brian Mullin
Director: Vicky Moran
Set & costume design – Kat Heath
Sound design – Josh Grigg
Assistant directors – Kian Kingsley & Aaliyah Larose
Assistant designer – Angie
Engagement Coordinator: Mikey Lynam