I am the Lead Artist and Co-founder of In Her Strength – a long-term theatre project that provides creative opportunities for women with experience of homelessness. www.inherstrength.co.uk

We have run three projects so far:

  • In Her Stories:
    A series of monologues written by 8 women after 6 online workshops running November 2020 – January 2021. I facilitated the writing sessions, and directed the monologues which were individually filmed. You can view them here: https://www.inherstrength.co.uk/in-her-stories/
  • In her Zine:
    A collaboration with Arts & Homelessness International as part of their Arts Lab 2020/21. We co-created weekly sessions to explore the intersections of women’s experience of homelessness – it was a space of sharing & creating  which resulted in a zine, a soundscape and a live event.
  • We performed 3 of the monologues live at Festival of the Home [produced by Museum of the Home] September 2021.