In Her Strength

Camden People's Theatre, 2021

As women continue to be forgotten, mistreated and sidelined, In Her Strength celebrates the individual and their story.

Combining real stories written by women with an experience of homelessness with poetry, music and live art, In Her Strength is an examination of the system, sisterhood and the power of community.

Writers: Amy Loughton, Dawn Rapson, Dionne Williams, Jazzle Dunne, Kate Armitage, Mischa Pearson, Nell Hardy, Sophie Cairns & Tara Casey. Dramaturgy by Sarah Woods & Vicky Moran.

Cast: Jasmeen Jones, Lilly Driscoll, Mairi Houston, Natasha Lewis, Rachel Hosker

Director: Vicky Moran
Sound Design: Nicola Chang
Videographer: Adrianne McKenzie
Suggested design: Alex Berry
Producer: Claire Gilbert 

In Her Strength is part of a wider project for women with an experience of homelessness to make work and challenge stereotypes. More info here: 

Twitter: @InHerStrength

in her strength