One week R+D in Cornwall

A mix of autobiography and real life stories woven into fiction create this dark, “Un- fairy-tale”, as “Pandora” sets out to shine a spotlight on topics such as homelessness, poor mental health and emotional vulnerability leading to exploitation and sexual assault and explores the lengths that people go to in order to escape.


Writer: Denise Harrison
Director: Vicky Moran
Actor: Parisa Nikkhah-eshghi
Story consultant: Emily Beecher

So I took Pandora and the story of the box, and I made her a real life woman living in todays “Broken Britain”.

Pandora wanted the fairytale. She wanted the prince and the castle and her “Happy ever after” because that’s what the books said that she’d get…her very own shiny piece of the pie. She very nearly had it to be fair…

And it was just how they said it would be. She had the prince and the castle and that happy ever after of hers was closing in so fast she could almost taste it… Almost.

Because you see there are no fairy-tales. There never were. They’re just myths, fabrications, figments of someone’s imagination… A lie…if you will.

And so as everything unravels and begins to fall apart, she takes us down the rabbit hole, where fairy tales end and horror stories begin, as  piece by piece her life is dismantled, and she finds herself  thrown under the bus by the only two people she thought that she could trust.